En klocka i en trälåda

Shop secondhand and sustainably in Eskilstuna

In Eskilstuna, you'll find a variety of flea markets and secondhand stores where you can find great used items at fair prices.

Opening hours may vary from day to day in some cases, so it's advisable to call ahead to make sure they are open for visitors.

Second hand shopping and thrift stores in Eskilstuna

In Eskilstuna, you'll find a variety of flea markets and secondhand stores. Shopping secondhand and finding bargains at flea markets is a great way to save the Earth's resources and take responsibility for the future. Eskilstuna is taking environmental efforts further than most other cities and serves as an international role model. Here you'll find the world's first mall that exclusively sells reused and environmentally friendly products and services.

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is a recycling shopping mall. A unique concept where everything that is sold is recycled, organic or substainably produced.

Address: Folkestaleden 7, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16-10 60 60 (Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö Customer service)
Website: ReTuna Återbruksgalleria

 Axelinas, på ReTuna Återbruksgalleria

Photo: ReTuna Återbruksgalleria

Pingstkyrkans Second Hand

Household utensils, furniture, clothes and gadgets of all kinds. Café with homemade bread.

Address: Mått Johanssons väg 42, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16-12 30 40
Website: Pingstkyrkans Secondhand

Röda Korset (Red cross) Second hand Eskilstuna

Secondhand store selling household items, furniture and clothing. There's also a café for those who's in the mood for something tasty.

Adress: Nystrandsgatan 29, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16-14 16 00
Website: Röda korset Second hand Eskilstuna

Stadsmissionens second hand

A well-stocked second-hand shop in central Eskilstuna with clothes and gadgets of all kinds.

Kungsgatan 22, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 8-684 234 30
Website: Eskilstuna stadsmission
Facebook: Eskilstuna stadsmission
Instagram: Eskilstuna stadsmission

Vinton Secondhand

A secondhand store dedicated to the little ones, with a focus on children's clothing, kids' shoes, toys, and strollers.

Köpmangatan 46, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 73-542 87 53
Website: Vinton Secondhand
Facebook: Vinton Secondhand
Instagram: Vinton Secondhand


In Torshälla, you can find the store Equused, offering a wide range of secondhand items related to horseback riding and equestrian sports. The store also has an online shop for added convenience.

Germundsgatan 87, Torshälla
Phone: +46 73-986 71 57
Website: Equused
Facebook: Equused
Instagram: Equused

Kristinas Antik & Kuriosa

Furniture, porcelain, glass, gadgets and collector´s items.

Address: Rådhustorget 5, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16-12 83 80
Facebook: Kristinas Antik och Kuriosa

Sture Bergström Konst & Antikviteter

Specializes in furniture from the 18th and 19th century, porcelain from Europe and China, art, pewter, toys and hand-knotted rugs.

Rådhustorget 5, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 16-12 14 80 or +46 70-766 25 30
Website: Sture Bergström Konst & Antikviteter

Secondhand stores Allt & Ingating

One store is located at Rinkesta Castle in Ärla, and another store at the Gallerian shopping center in central Eskilstuna. The association Omtanke, which operates these stores, is a non-profit organization working on various projects in Eskilstuna and its surroundings to spread joy and care to those in need.

Phone: +46 73-909 19 13
Facebook: Allt & Ingating

Magda NK

Magda NK is a flea market located at Magdakullan in Näshulta. It features thousands of items ranging from antique objects to more contemporary pieces.

Address: Magda Säteri, Västra Näshulta
Phone: +46 16-80 018
Website: Magdakullan
Facebook: Magdakullan
Instagram: Magdakullan

2:a Hand Saker

Toys, candlesticks, vinyl records, crystal chandeliers - you´ll find everything here.

Address: Eskilsgatan 23, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 76-901 15 81
Facebook: 2:a hands saker


Gustafsvägen 10, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 70-565 73 32
Facebook: Santessons Loppis

Next Automatloppis

Carlavägen 76, Eskilstuna
Telefon: +46 70-912 81 88, +46 76 250 93 32
Facebook: Next Automatloppis

Loppis Hammartorp

Address: Gillbergavägen 4, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 73-587 18 08
Website: Loppis Hammartorp
Facebook: Loppis Hammartorp

Tobis Loppis

Address: Heljestrandsgatan 5, Eskilstuna (entrance at the back)
Phone: +46 70-355 88 55
Facebook: Tobis Loppis

Huset i Hällby

Rakåsvägen 18, Eskilstuna
Contakt: husetihallby@hotmail.com
Facebook: Huset i Hällby

Fnösktorps Blommor & Grönt

Plant nursery, cut flower cultivation, and a small and cozy country-style flea market located by road 230. Primarily offering old, rustic, and reused items.

Address: Hålby Fnösketorp, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 70-452 01 03
Facebook: Fnösktorps Blommor & Grönt
Instagram: Fnösktorps Blommor & Grönt

Hyndevad Secondhand

300 square meters of furniture, interior, lamps, rugs, glass & porcelain, tools, books, LP records, toys, paintings, decorations, and more. Also, a café with light snacks and hot and cold beverages.

Address: Bukettvägen 3, Eskilstuna
Facebook: Hyndevad Secondhand


Kretsloppet is a daily activity center with a focus on reuse and secondhand, operated by Eskilstuna Municipality. Here you can shop for clothes, items, and home decor. The proceeds go to a charity organization of your choice.

Address: Tegelbruksgatan 15, Eskilstuna
Phone: +46 70 833 27 85
Facebook: Kretsloppet
Instagram: Kretsloppet