Meetballs in a fryin gpan

Swedish cuisine

It is no surprise that Swedish meatballs is a dish known all over the world, it's very tasty! If you are curious about other well tasting Swedish dishes, these restaurants in Eskilstuna won't disappoint.

Swedish cuisine - more then meatballs

Enjoy some fine Swedish cuisine in a historical setting. Visit Jernberghska, located in the open-air museum the Rademacher forges.

At Gästgifveriet in Eskilstunas Old Town they serve Swedish traditional homecooking every day. Prepared with a lot of butter, cream, and love.

The lunch restaurant P2 in Munktellstaden (in the same building as Eskilstuna Art Museum) is a fine choice for great tasting Swedish dishes. Swedish meatballs are always on the menu!