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Day Trip Destinations near Eskilstuna

If you're spending several days in Eskilstuna and want to make a day trip, we've put together tips on family-friendly attractions that you can reach within an hour of travel from Eskilstuna.

Eskilstuna - in the heart of Mälardalen

Eskilstuna's location, in the heart of Mälardalen, is perfect for those who want to combine a visit to Eskilstuna's attractions with a day trip.

You'll have the opportunity to discover more of Eskilstuna and the surrounding areas if you stay overnight in a hotel, hostel, or campsite. There are great accommodations available, both in the city center and in more natural settings.

Miniature Kingdom, Kungsör

Discover Sweden in miniature through a model railway in scale 1:87 at Miniature Kingdom, a 200 square meter facility in Kungsör. Here you'll find locations from all over Sweden, from Abisko to Kungsör and Eskilstuna. There is always something new to discover as new places and environments are built up over time.

Getting to Miniature Kingdom from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 27km
  • Transportation by train: 16 min train + 100 meter walk
Miniatyrlandskap med tågbana

Miniature Kingdom, Kungsör

Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred

At the Vasa-fortress of Gripsholm, you'll get to experience four hundred years of history. Here you'll find the country's finest examples of opulence from the era of the Vasa kings and one of Europe's most well-preserved 18th-century theaters. The castle also houses the state portrait collection featuring famous Swedes.

Getting to Gripsholm Castle from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 50km
  • Transportation by train and bus: 23 min train + 17 min bus

The military museum Arsenalen, Strängnäs

Scandinavia's largest museum of military vehicles is located just outside of Strängnäs. The exhibit showcases vehicles that can travel on land and in deep water. You'll experience stories, facts and the lives of people as you see the technical and military developments from the early 1900s to the present day. Kids can enjoy a fun and interactive exhibition.

Getting to Arsenalen from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 27km
  • Transportation by bus: 27 min bus + 5 min walk
Barn som tittar på en militär tank.

Arsenalen, Strängnäs

Outdoor Activities and Waffles at Björnön, Västerås

Björnön is a paradise for those who love outdoor activities and nature. Here you'll find a high-rope course, mountain bike trails and kayaks and stand-up paddle boards available for rent. In the winter, you can go sledding in Björnöbacken, cross-country skating on plowed trails in Hässlösundet, and skiing on the ice. After your activities, you can enjoy warm chocolate and waffles by the fire at Wåffelbaren (the Waffle Bar).

Getting to Björnögården from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 54km
  • Transportation by train and bus: 34 min train + 20 min bus
En hand som håller i en våffla med glass och bär.

Wåffelbaren, Västerås

The Fairy Tale Trail (Sagostigen), Malmköping

The Fairy Tale Trail is a family-friendly attraction just outside of Malmköping. It's a rural idyll where fairy tales come to life in small picturesque houses. For kids, there is also a playground area with trampolines, bouncy houses, cars, and other fun activities. The farm animals graze in the meadows and the summer theater performances are very popular with children.

The Fairy Tale Trail is open during the summer season.

Getting to the Fairy Tale Trail from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 25 km.
  • Transportation by bus: 26 min + 25 min walk.

Julita Farm (Julita Gård), Katrineholm

Julita Farm is a well-preserved grand estate from the early 1900s located by the lake Öljaren in Sörmland.

There is a beautiful manor park and historic gardens with preserved original environments such as a dairy, fire station, and brick factory.

Children can play at Pettson and Findus' Farm, visit the playhouse, have snacks at the Café Julita, and take a family tour of the Big House. There is also the option to spend the night in a manor environment and dine at the Julita Inn, with food for the gourmet.

Julita Farm is open during the summer season and for the annual Christmas market and other theme days. The manor park can be visited year-round.

Getting to Julita Farm from Eskilstuna

  • Distance from Eskilstuna: 45 km.
  • Transportation by bus from Eskilstuna: 1 hour + 1.5 km walk.