A drone shot over a red brick church

The most photographed places in Eskilstuna

Majestic old buildings, lush parks, and Lake Mälaren with its islands and skerries. These are Eskilstuna's 10 most photographed places.

Top 10 photo spots in Eskilstuna

The ranking is an estimation based on information from social media and the image service Mostphotos. Feel free to tag us on Instagram if you want us to share your Eskilstuna pictures @visit.eskilstuna.

1. The Old Town of Eskilstuna

The old town seen from the river side is the most photographed view in Eskilstuna. The old buildings with their reflections in different colors are often featured on social media. Perhaps it's also the most beautiful view of Eskilstuna?

The old town of Eskilstuna

The Old town of Eskilstuna. Photo: Pierre Pocs

2. Klosters church

The majestic Klosters church is a silhouette that is synonymous with Eskilstuna for many. If you have a chance to go inside the church, you'll find out it's just as magnificent on the inside.

3. Sundbyholm with Lake Mälaren

In third place, we find Sundbyholm, Eskilstuna's archipelago with the longest sandy beach of Lake Mälaren and numerous islands and skerries.
In Sundbyholm everything from northern lights to bathing families, weddings and concerts is photographed.

4. Parken Zoo

At Eskilstuna's largest tourist attraction, many cute animals and happy children have been captured in photos over the years.

5. Fristadstorget (Fristads City Square)

Fristadstorget is a bit like Eskilstuna's living room. Both the City Hall and the artwork Pin Point on Fristadstorget are popular motifs.

6. Rothoffsparken (the Rothoff's Park)

Rothoffsparken is one of Eskilstuna's most beautiful places, a lush oasis with beautiful plantings and a playground in central Eskilstuna.

Red and pink roses

Rothoffsparken. Photo: Therese Andersson

7. Rademachersmedjorna (the Rademacher Forges)

Rademachersmedjorna were the starting point for Eskilstuna's industrialization in the 17th century and have contributed greatly to Eskilstuna's identity as an industrial city.

8. Stadsparken (the City Park)

In the heart of Eskilstuna lies Stadsparken. A popular place with plenty of greenery and popular events such as Picnic in the Park. In the spring, the park shines in pink when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

9. Torshälla Churh

The oldest parts of Torshälla Church have been standing since the 12th century. The church is a grand building with historical value that attracts many camera lenses.

Old houses and in the background a red brick church

Torshälla Church. Photo: Therese Andersson

10. Fors Church

During the 12th century, Bishop Eskil, who gave his name to the city, had the current Fors Church built on the western bank of the Eskilstuna River.