Grönskande gammalt växthus.

Discover Eskilstuna like a local - a guide to Eskilstuna's hidden gems

Do you want to discover some of Eskilstuna's secret treasures? We give you some tips about less known attractions in Eskilstuna, Torshälla, and Sundbyholm - places that only seasoned residents of Eskilstuna are familiar with.

Eskilstuna's hidden gems - must-visit destinations you don't want to miss

Enjoy a picturesque picnic in Skogstorp, wander through the scenic Svalboviken, or rent a jetty boat in Sundbyholm. Discover Eskilstuna's hidden treasures, oases beyond tourist attractions, crowds, and winding queues.

1. Picnic in Rosenforsparken, Skogstorp

Located in Skogstorp, next to the Eskilstuna River, you'll find Rosenforsparken. The park dates back to the 19th century and served as a recreational area for the owner of the Rosenfors factories. South of the park you'll find remnants of Karl IX's canal. Today, the park is a tranquil oasis with pleasant spots for a simple picnic.

(The cover photo featuring the greenhouse is taken at Rosenforsparken)

2. Climb high in Vilsta

Vilsta nature reserve and outdoor recreation area offer an exciting and challenging experience that is as thrilling as it is secretive. In fact, it is so hidden that many Eskilstuna residents are unaware of it. Tucked away among shady treetops lies Eskilstunas adventure course. It features 25 stations nestled high up in the trees, and culminates with an exhilarating Zipline ride.

The adventure course is an activity that requires booking in advance.

3. Cycle to Ekeby wetlands and Ekbackens nature reserve

Ekeby Wetland, Sweden's largest constructed wetland, offers excellent opportunities for birdwatching and can be reached by a pleasant bike ride along the river from central Eskilstuna. Continue your bike ride along Eskilstuna River and you will soon arrive at Ekbacken nature reserve. A scenic area which provides a perfect spot to take a break amidst impressive 200-year-old oak trees, and enjoy some truly spectacular views.

A greenarea with bodies of water surrounding. A small cabin in the background.

Ekeby Wetland

4. Ice cream parlor and garden café at Café Gröna Villan, Torshälla

At the foot of Holmberget, right next to Torshälla's old city park, you'll find a charming turn-of-the-century villa that houses Café Gröna Villan. Enjoy homemade treats and delicious lunches in the lush garden. Complete your fika experience with a locally produced gelato from the café's ice cream parlor.

5. Take a jetty boat to the Sigurd Carving in Sundbyholm

Sundbyholms guest harbor have pier rafts for rental for scenic tours on Lake Mälaren. Book a picnic basket from the café and embark on a journey along the Ramsund river to the over 1000-year-old Sigurdsristningen (the Sigurd Carving). The trip provides a jungle-like experience in a Swedish summer setting.

Liten å som rinner genom en skogsdunge

Ramsundsån Foto: Pierre Pocs

6. Cozy farm shops in a rural setting

Are you in the mood for a rustic shopping excursion? At Magdakullan in Näshulta you'll find locally sourced meat from the farm and delicacies from other producers in the Sörmland region, such as cheese, rapeseed oil, eggs, biscuites and jam.

Bageri Svart/Verkstan is the baker Johan Sörberg's hobby project, where he really can let his creativity run wild. Despite sporadic opening hours, it's not uncommon for the bakery to sell out when Johan fills the shelves with fresh bread and pastries.

There are several farm shops nearby, so seize the opportunity to get a taste of Eskilstuna!

7. Svalboviken - a hidden gem along Sörmlandsleden hiking trail

Svalboviken is a small village situated between Bälgviken and Näshulta, by the southeastern bay of Lake Näshulta. It offers beautiful hiking trails and a remarkably diverse natural landscape. From rugged rocky areas to lush forests and blooming meadows.

A must-visit spot for anyone exploring Svalboviken is Sandviks hage, located near the steamboat jetty on the shores of Lake Näshulta. There, you'll find a remarkably scenic wind shelter with its own sandy beach. It's hard to imagine a cozier place than this.

8. Nornir Brewery - an adventure for the taste buds

Nornir Brewery is a microbrewery with Eskilstuna's first taproom. A taproom is a place where you can indulge in fresh brewery beer straight from the source, making it perfect for beer enthusiasts looking to explore new flavors. Nornir offers a tasting tray with 3 or 6 glasses of 10 centiliters each. A tasting here is like allowing your taste buds to embark on a journey of discovery. Be prepared to encounter beers with lactobacillus, beers infused with hibiscus flowers and dark beers with a coffee aroma, among other intriguing flavors. If you appreciate new and exciting tastes, Nornir is hard to beat.

9. Eskilstunas iconic restaurants

There are restaurants in Eskilstuna that have been serving hungry locals for generations. These iconic dining spots have become synonymous with the place over time. For example, Ming Palace, which has been serving authentic Chinese cuisine since the 1980s, restaurant Akropolis, where many have enjoyed their first fillet mignon black & white, and Gästgifveriet, which welcomed its first guest back in 1864.

red old house in the middle and fences on the side. To the left a sign says Jernberghska restaurant

The restaurant Jernberghska

10. Discover more of Eskilstuna with a guide

There are many things that relatively few people know about Eskilstuna. Did you know that one of the most significant inventions in the world industry, the combination measuring set, originated from Eskilstuna? Or that Förstlingen, Sweden's first steam locomotive, was built here? The city holds plenty of historical curiosities to discover and if you're interested in historical facts a guided tour through one of the city's historical quarters can be a rewarding experience.

Music is another aspect that Eskilstuna's history is rich in. To name just a few examples, Anni-Frid Lyngstad from ABBA and the legendary rock group Kent originate from Eskilstuna. Discover the city's musical heritage, from the 1940's jazz clubs to the present-day cultural venues. ''A citywalk through the musical history of Eskilstuna'' is led by the local guide Rocco Gustafsson and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. For more information and bookings you can contact Rocco at

Would you like to know more about the rock band Kent? Embark on a journey in their footsteps to explore the locations that played a significant role in shaping the iconic rock band.