Munktellmuseet och Munktellarenan

The industrial area Munktellstaden

Munktellstaden in central Eskilstuna is surrounded by rapid streams, bridges and islets. The beautiful brick-red old industrial buildings are strongly associated with the image of Eskilstuna.

Munktellstaden offers industrial history as well as sport activities, culture events,locally produced beer, exciting museums, education, innovative entrepreneurship and hotel.

From industrial hub to exuberant culture-, activity and event area

Originally, Munktellstaden was the industrial area of Bolinder Munktell, which was where Volvo BM had their manufacturing for many years. Today Munktellstaden is a place full of life, with museums, event venues, sports arenas, a local brewery, hotel, performing arts and alot more.

Hotel Bolinder Munktell

Hotel Bolinder Munktell Photo: Most Photos