Hällristningen Sigurdsristningen.

The Sigurd Carving

In Sundbyholm, just outside Eskilstuna you can find the world famous runestone the Sigurd Carving. It is one of Sweden’s premier ancient monuments.

The saga still lives

The Sigurd Carving on Ramsund’s Hill is one of our country’s foremost monuments, and is unique among the region’s ancient remains and rune inscriptions. This is mainly due to its notable content of pictures and impressive rune carving from the 11th century. The pictures tell different episodes from the saga of Sigurd Fafnesbane, while the text itself is about the construction of a bridge crossing the Ramsund channel. The saga lives on in Wagner’s opera The Ring of the Nibelung as well as in Tolkien’s books The Lord of the Rings.

Listen to the runestone’s history

At the Sigurd Carving there are information signs that tells about the stone’s history. You can also listen to the story via the app IZI Travel. If you would rather have a guided tour, you’re most welcome to contact Eskilstuna Tourist Information to book a guide.

A woman and two children are reading an information sign next to the Sigurd carving.

Photo: Pierre Pocs

Discover runestones and more of Eskilstuna by bike

Discover runestones by bike is a an easily cycled tour which takes you from Eskilstuna to Sundbyholm, where you’ll pass several runestones on your way. Among them Eskilstuna’s most recent additions of runestones – the Stora Tidö-stone. 

If you wish to discover more runestones and Eskilstuna in general a great tip is to go on a tour. There are several tours you can experience from the sadle, both guided tours and tours you make on your own.