The steam Gerda in the Eskilstuna river.

Boat trips & cruises

Picture this, the sun warming your neck and a gentle breeze softly caressing your face. It's hard to imagine anything more relaxing than a boat trip on a hot summer day! In Eskilstuna and the surrounding area there are several small ports from where you can enjoy a refreshing boat trip.

The city between the lakes

Eskilstuna is often referred to as the city between lakes. There are several small ports in and around Eskilstuna from where you can embark on a boattrip. Regardless if you are looking for a relaxing voyage or feel the need for some aquatic speed, there are suiting options.

Rederi Mälarstaden

Enjoying the scenery of the beautiful archipelago around Lake Mälaren. Indulge yourself on delicacies on one of the food themed cruises offered by Rederi Mälarstaden. Rederi Mälarstaden also offers cruises to several other excursion destinations around Lake Mälaren.


Ångslupen (The steam launch) S/S Gerda

The charming old steam launch was built in 1865 and usually chugs along Eskilstuna ån (the Eskilstuna River) during the summer. It is also possible to charter S / S Gerda for various activities such as weddings, baptisms or in other contexts.

Dock boats in Sundbyholm

Rent a dock boat in Sundbyholm's guest harbor and simmer on Lake Mälaren. The guest harbor's dock boats can be rented during the summer. The boats, which are motorized, can accommodate ten people. You can pre-order coffee and food from the café at the guest harbor to bring with you on the trip. If you are more than ten people, it is possible to rent several dock boats.

A view over ramsudet from a jetty boat.

A view over ramsundet from a jetty boat.

Boat rental and fishing guide on Lake Mälaren

Do you want to rent a boat to go fishing in Lake Mälaren? Importspecialisten in Eskilstuna offers boat rentals. You can also book a knowledgeable guide who will show you the best places and optimize your chances of catching fish.

Importspecialisten (SWE)