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The most popular tourist attractions in Eskilstuna

Meet the animals at Parken Zoo, shop sustainably at ReTuna - the world's first recycling mall, and stroll through industrial history at the Rademacher Forges. Read more about Eskilstuna's most popular attractions, such as the city's museums, Eskilstunas Old Town and the impressive runestone Sigurdsristningen.

What are you into? In Eskilstuna there is something for everyone

Whether you like history, art and culture, second-hand shopping, or animals, swimming in the pool, and thrilling rides, you'll find it in Eskilstuna.

Gamla staden (the Old Town)

The Old Town in Eskilstuna is a well-preserved neighborhood with origins from the medieval period. Stroll along cobblestone streets and visit cozy small shops, cafés, and restaurants. In the Old Town you will also find Sweden's oldest provincial theatre, an outhouse museum, and the culturally listed merchant house Tingsgården.

Cobblestone street with old wooden houses.

The Old town of Eskilstuna

Parken Zoo

Have an adventurous full day at Parken Zoo! With a single ticket you'll have access to the zoo, amusement park and swimming pools. In ''Lilla Zoo'', you can get up close with different domestic animals. Guaranteed fun for both small and big animal lovers.

ReTuna Recycling mall

In Eskilstuna, you can find the world's first recycling mall - ReTuna. The shopping center is full of stores that sell recycled or reused items, including clothes, furniture, electronics, and sports equipment. Next to it is a recycling center where you can dispose your broken belongings, but also leave items that can have a chance of a new life by being sold in ReTuna's stores.

Rademachersmedjorna (the Rademacher Forges)

Rademachersmedjorna was in the 17th century the center of the city's manufacturing industry and is now a symbol of Eskilstuna's history and industrial heritage. Nowadays Rademachersmedjorna is an open-air museum where you can stroll among the old red smithies. Several craftsmen are currently housed in the smithies and are active in areas such as ceramics, handicrafts, metalworking, and art.

Red old buildings.

the Rademacher Forges

Sigurdsristningen (the Sigurd Carving) and Sundbyholm

The Sigurd Carving, dating back to the 11th century, is considered one of the most impressive runestones from the Viking Age. The stone is carved with images and inscriptions that depict Norse mythology, including the story of the hero Sigurd Fafnesbane and the dragon slayer. The saga of Sigurd Fafnesbane still lives on in today's popular culture, such as in Wagner's opera "The Ring" and Tolkien's books on "The Lord of the Rings.

Just a stone's throw away from the Sigurd Carving lies the picturesque Sundbyholm. Take a swim at Lake Mälaren's longest natural sandy beach, watch boats pass by and enjoy delicious food at Sundbyholm's Guest Harbor, or perhaps spend a night at Sundbyholm's Castle.

The City museum, the Munktell museum and the Art museum

In Eskilstuna, everything is close by, including the city's offerings of art, culture, and history. Three of the city's most popular museums are located in central Eskilstuna, just a few minutes' walk from each other. Perhaps you can visit all of them on the same day?


The medieval cultural city of Torshälla is full of art, culture, and history. The city is lined with sculptures by the local artist Allan Ebeling, whose collected works also can be seen at the Ebeling Museum in Torshälla. Along the river, you can also take a stroll through the Sculpture Park, which is a designated area showcasing a variety of impressive sculptures.

From the elevated Holmbergsparken, Torshällas City Park, you can gaze out over Old Torshälla where the cobblestone streets surrounded by old wooden houses will make you feel the wings of history. In Old Torshälla, you can visit the Bergströmska gården, a local heritage museum, or take a peek inside of Torshälla Church.

 A red fence to the left in the image, older wooden houses, and a red church in the background.