Kvinna som fikar utomhus tillsammans med sina barnbarn

Family activities in Eskilstuna

Regardless if you are planning a trip to Eskilstuna or if you live here, you might need ideas for fun things to do together with your kids.

Childish fun for the entire family

On this webpage we tip you about different places to visit and activities that you can do together with children of different ages.

Parken Zoo

At Parken Zoo you have the chance to meet animals from all over the world or entertain yourself in the amusement park. There are some delightful rides and and outdoor bath for those who need to cool down. Entrance to the baths, Parken Zoo, and the amusement park are all included in the entrance fee.

Splash around at Munktellbadet

In the industrial history area Munktellstaden you'll find one of Sweden's most modern bath houses – Munktellbadet. There is a family pool, a waterslide, a climbing wall, a pool cinema and loads more. Munktellbadet lies alongside the Eskilstuna river which offers a spectacular view.

Play and learn about Eskilstunas history at Eskilstuna City Museum

Visit the exhibition Lilla stadsmuseet (little city museum) at Eskilstuna City Museum. Here kids will learn about the history of Eskilstuna through educational play. The exhibition has been created with the key words being: joy, experience, and knowledge. Free entrance.

Have a seat in the old tractors at the Munktell Museum

At the Munktell Museum you can, among other things, see the first Swedish tractor from 1913 and the first wheel loader from 1954. The museum is tasked to collect, preserve, and display objects produced by Munktell, Bolinder-Munktell, Volvo BM, VME, and Volvo Construction Equipment. And the best thing - kids can climb and play as much as they wish in the machines!

Green tractor with the text Bolinder-Munktell

Photo: Therese Andersson

Visit Sundbyholm and listen to the tale about the Sigurd carving

Sundbyholm is a scenic area right outside Eskilstuna. Here you'll find Sundbyholm's slott (Sundbyholm's castle), a sandy beach, a playground, hiking trails and a harbor where you can look at boats and eat delicious ice cream.

From the guest harbor there is a short hiking trail leading to the Sigurd carving. The trail is short with easy terrain, you can easily bring your children along for the walk. The Sigurd carving is one of the best preserved runic carvings in the country. On site you can listen to the tale about the carving on your phone via the app izi.TRAVEL. Or why not have a picnic in the beautiful beach woods?

Take a boat trip

Let the journey itself become the highlight! There are good possibilities to take a boat trip from Syndbyholm and Torshälla.

Learn more about cows at Magdakullan

At Magdakullan the farmer Christer guides you on a walk to the animals, where you'll learn about cows and calves, pastures, and ensilage. During the summer, the tour goes to a pasture and during the winter you'll meet the cows in the barn. And while you are here, don't miss to visit the farm shop and the flea market. During the winter Magdakullan has irregular opening hours.


In Eskilstuna you can catch rainbow trout in the middle of the city. There is also possibilities for fishing in the close by lakes Hjälmaren and Mälaren.

A bobber on a fishing rod.

Photography: Micke Sandström

Play around in one of the playgrounds

In Eskilstuna and Torshälla there are plenty of playground outdoors. Try any of all the playgrounds located all around the city. Several of them has fun themes, like the space playground in Årby, the jungle park in the Rothoffs park and the adventure park with a nautical theme in Torshälla.

Swim outdoors

If you crave a cooling swim there are many locations to choose from in Eskilstuna. Sundbyholm, Vilsta, Skjulsta and Mälarbaden are popular and well known bathing sites, while Pottskär, Slätviken and Ängsholmen are a little smaller and less lively. If you wish to swim in a tempered pool you have the pools at Parken Zoo which suits families with children of all ages. (entrance to the pools are included in the entrance ticket to Parken Zoo, it is not possible to purchase a separate ticket to the pools.

Try the life as a blacksmith at The Rademacher forges

One of Eskilstuna's premiere tourism destinations is the outdoor museum Rademachersmedjorna (the Rademacher forges). You'll find the well preserved buildings from Reinhold Rademacher's forging factory from the 1650s. Visit the artisans and join in on any of the guided tours which are held during the summer. For children there is a play smithy where you can try the life of a blacksmith.

The adventure course in Vilsta (needs pre-booking)

Do you seek a challenge and enjoy high altitudes? Then the adventure course in Vilsta is an activity that should fit you like a glove! The course runs over 25 stations, between five and nine meters height. The adventure course is a bookable group activity (minimum eight people). Observe that there are some height requirements, suits kids that are a little older.

Escape Room in Eskilstuna (needs pre-booking)

Are you a fan of excitement and to solve riddles? Try Escape Room in Eskilstuna. The activity can be booked for small groups of 2-7 people and together the group struggles against time to escape from a locked room. Escape Room suits children from the age of 8 with adult supervision.

Eat locally produced ice cream

A popular destination during the summer is Slagsta Glass (Slagsta ice cream). Native inhabitants of Eskilstuna flock here to enjoy locally produced ice cream. At Wäsby Cafe Gröna Villan in Torshälla and at Bistro Wäsby you can relish from self-produced Italian ice cream. The patisseries Janeling and Amarant makes their own gelato.

Canoe & kayak rentals

You are always close to water in Eskilstuna. It's possible to paddle straight through the city with a canoe or a kayak, by following the Eskilstuna river, which flows between Torshälla and Eskilstuna. The route which begins in Skogstorp is of a family nature and suits beginners well.

Play miniature golf

To play miniature golf is an activity which fits anyone. At Parken Zoo and Eskilstuna Bangolfklubb at Vilsta camping there are nice outdoor courses and at Munktellarenan there is an indoors course.


At Eskilstuna Bowling Center in central Eskilstuna you can bowl, challenge your friends to a pentathlon and play shuffleboard among other things. It is also a popular place for childrens parties.

Skate at Zero One Six

One of Sweden's best indoor halls for skateboard, kick bike, BMX and inline is located in Eskilstuna - Zero One Six. You can easily spend an entire day here if you are the kind of person who likes speed and doing tricks. You can also arrange parties here.

Go to the cinema

Do you wish to see a movie? In Eskilstuna there are two cinemas to chose between, Biostaden, a top modern cineplex with eight cinemas and Sweden's largest screen, and Royal Biograf & Kulturhus where you can enjoy cinefilms and live streamed opera.

Visit Leos Lekland

Let your kids play to the fullest at Leos Lekland. Here you'll find loads of slides and fun climbing opportunities. At Leos the philosophy is play, mischief and movement. There is also a restaurant and café which is suitable for both children and adults. Partying opportunities are available!

Bounce away and practice parkour at Hop N Pop Trampoline Park

Hop N Pop is a 1700m² large trampoline park with trampolines, multi sport arena, obstacle course, parkour park and more. A perfect location to let your kids burn some excess energy. Parties and activities are also arranged here. Activities which suits kids, youths and adults with their childlike mind still intact.

Visit a nature reserve or a leisure area

One of Eskilstuna's unique assets is the close proximity between city center and nature. Pack your picnic basket, bring a spare basket for mushrooms or berries and make an excursion to any of Eskilstuna's nature reserves or leisure areas. Eskilstuna houses several beautiful nature reserves, containing everything from islets and open landscapes to lush forests. Do you own a portable stove? To cook and eat outdoors makes everything extra tasty.

Dinner with a circus theme at Pinchos

At the children's favorite restaurant Pinchos there are playful dishes and non alcoholic candy drinks. Furnishing, staff and even the toilet delivers a circus experience. You can order food with the help of an app.

Make an excursion

30 minutes or less from Eskilstuna:

  • Arsenalen (The Arsenal), Strängnäs is the largest museum for military vehicles in Scandinavia. The museum displays the development of military vehicles from the beginning of the 20th century until today.
  • Miniature Kingdom in Kungsör is a model railway that is built in a miniature world, which is inspired by the landscapes in Sweden.
  • Sagostigen (the fairy tale path), Hällarens gård. Alongside nature trails in the beautiful nature of Sörmland small red cabins have been built. The cabins displays milieus inspired by classical fairy tales from the Grimm brothers, H.C Andersen and Nordic folk lores. Sagostigen is operated in an eco-friendly way.

60 or less minutes from Eskilstuna:

  • Take a walk though Mariefred, where the famous PAX-books takes place. There is a special map for the PAX-tour, and an audio guide via the app Guidly.
  • At Lådbilslandet (the soapbox car land) in Nykvarn children can drive for real. The cars has real engines and is driven on paved roads in a miniature town with bridges, roundabouts and road junctions.
  • At Julita gård there is a lot to discover, for big and small. Partake in a muckle hunt and visit Pettson's farm, built on a 2/3 scale to make children feel like adults.
  • Kokpunkten (boiling point) in Västerås is the first action bath house in Sweden. A unique experience with eight floors filled with attractions. Kokpunkten is located in an old steam power plant which is iconic for the city of Västerås.
  • Vallby Friluftsmuseum (Open-air museum) in Västerås is one of Västmanland's largest and most popular tourism destinations. Vallby is a lovely place for a scenic walk, to discover the culture history of Västmanland, to eat good food and to botanize among boutiques and artisans.

Skivade jordgubbar

Pick your own strawberries

In Eskilstuna there are several farm shops for those wanting to shop locally produced vegetables, berries, honey, marmalade and more. At Solby Gård and Skirfalls Jordgubbsplockning (Strawberry picking) you have the possibility to pick you own strawberries and potatoes during their respective season, if the conditions are good.

Go to a flea market

Go to a flea market" It's a great exercise for learning to count, handle money and to understand the value of money. There are numerous flea markets open all year round, and during the summer back alley flea markets are arranged here and there around Eskilstuna.

Sleep beneath open skies

It can be a magical experience to crawl into each other's sleeping bags close together beneath open skies. Along Sörmlandsleden hiking trail between Bälgviken and Svalboviken (along side Lake Näshultasjön) there's a nice shelter. Don't forget to bring mosquito repellent and something tasty to eat.

Two children in a park

Photography: Robert Kneschke

Hunt for treasure or Pokémons

Is there anyone who is a parent who hasn't downloaded Pokémon Go on their phone? Maby those whose children have their own mobile phones. Hunting and training Pokémons together can be a fun activity. Take the opportunity to let the children teach you all their tricks. (psst - we have heard that Rothoffsparken and Klosters church are two spots worth a visit)!

Geocaching is another addictive app, like a modern version of hunt the thimble. Unlike Pokémon Go you are seeking physical items - a cache. Among the items you find in the cache is a pen and paper, for you to log your visit. Sometimes the cache contains "trade items", a beautiful glass marble, a little toy or something similar. You are allowed to take an item from the cache, but only if you leave a new item as a trade. Geocaching is a fun way to get some exercise and to discover new places together with your children.

Rent a jetty boat

At Sundbyholm guest harbor you can rent a jetty boat and take your family on an excursion. Head for the Sigurd carving - it's a really cozy route where you slowly float forward through vegetation. Do not forget to pack coffee, lemonade and cold pancakes!

Create and crafts

At the museums in the municipality, Eskilstuna art museum and the Ebeling museum in Torshälla various versions of crafts and art workshops are regularly arranged where families with children are welcomed.

Cycle the Lejonrundan bicycle trail

Bring your family on a bicycle excursion. Close to Eskilstuna there are several bicycle trails to choose from. Lejonrundan, which runs for 14 km is an easily cycled family friendly trail which runs though varied nature and urban environments. The trail is signposted with the image of a lion paw in a black and dark yellow background.